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Create one-off notices, or use to create a notice template for a specific purpose.

"imagesize" is the size in pixels: enter the number only.

E.g. for a box with square corners

{{notice with image
|image=Under construction orange.jpg
|content=This is a notice with a picture.


Under construction orange.jpg This is a notice with a picture.

You can also create a box with rounded corners, e.g.:

{{notice with image
|image=Under construction orange.jpg
|content=Roll up and join the fun! Help build topic XYZ on Appropedia...


Under construction orange.jpg Roll up and join the fun! Help build topic XYZ on Appropedia...

(If you leave out the "radius" term, it seems to default to a box with square corners, but it seems like good practice to always use the parameters, as in other templates leaving out a term can break a template.)

Choosing colors

Choose your colors from a "palette" such as the table at Wikipedia:Web colors#X11 color names.

See Help:Notices for more detail.

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