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Lobbying for local or state policy changes

UCLA ITS staff will edit contributed content that explicitly lobbies for state or local policy changes but will allow contributions that provide transit stakeholders with policy options and evidence to support each option.

Commercial Products and Services Appearing on TransitWiki

In order to provide site users with an overview of implementation options available to transit agencies, it is at times necessary to reference commercial products and services. Product names, company names, and discussions of features or attributes are provided for informational purposes only. TransitWiki's authors and sponsors do not endorse any of the products or services appearing on TransitWiki. Site users who are considering obtaining fee-based products and services should consider other information, including customer referrals, in their purchasing decisions. User contributions that endorse a fee-based commercial product or service will be redacted or deleted. All content that references a fee-based product or service by name must include a link to this disclaimer. Commercial products and services are offered for free to transit agencies and require no future payments to the company that offers the product or service do not require a link to this disclaimer.

Caltrans control over content

UCLA's TransitWiki with Caltrans allows Caltrans may edit or delete any content at any time at its sole discretion.