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The Help:Notices page has detailed help (including for the {{slim notice}} option). The following is a brief version.

Use this template to create one-off notices, or use to create a notice template for a specific purpose.

E.g. for a box with square corners

|headline=Blah blah
|content=Yabba dabba doo


Blah blah
Yabba dabba doo

You can also create a box with rounded corners, e.g.:

|content=Join us - why not?


Join us - why not?

(If you leave out the "radius" term, it seems to default to a box with square corners, but it seems like good practice to always use the parameters, as in other cases it breaks the template.)

Choosing colors

Choose your colors from a "palette" such as the table at Wikipedia:Web colors#X11 color names.

Note that you can use hex codes for colors such as #F3F2E0, as in this example:

|headline=Blah blah
|content=Yabba dabba doo}}

See Help:Notices for more examples of colors.

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