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Below are steps to begin using TransitWiki for research projects and contributing to the development of this project.

Create user account and page

  1. You must create an account to create and edit pages.
  2. TransitWiki will automatically create a user page. This exists at Edit this page so others can learn more about you. See blue links on list of top contributors to see example user pages.

Creating pages & wiki markup

  1. If you want to add content to TransitWiki, search first. If a relevant page exists, edit and improve it. If not, you can create the page.
  2. Refer to MediaWiki help for editing and markup language reference.


Categories can be used to "tag" articles and arrange collections of pages. Example category: Category:GTFS-consuming applications

Some potential uses of categories:

  1. Organize pages according to topic or attributes
  2. Maintain edit queues, or “mark” pages for follow up action. For an example of this in use, see Category:Stubs.
  3. See Special:CategoryTree for a category tree list showing sub categories. See also: example category tree for GTFS-consuming applications

Using templates

Templates are tool for structuring information and creating formatting shortcuts. See links:

Improving TransitWiki

Maintaining and improving TransitWiki systems is an ongoing project. View or edit TransitWiki:Ideas, a queue of proposed and completed improvements. Appropedia provides another model of an active site running MediaWiki software, offering ideas and examples from which to borrow. An paper on using TransitWiki for collaborative research could make a useful Transportation Research Board paper, and would serve the function of helping introduce TRB to the idea of delivering more research through TransitWiki. Message User:Aaronantrim if you are interested in co-authoring such a paper.