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tripBuddy is a Boston based community carpooling platform for co-workers and employees to carpool to work together. The company provides a mobile based platform (Android and iOS) where users can enter their commute information and be matched with others who share a similar route.

Product Overview

Riding with tripBuddy

tripBuddy advertises a safer rider experience by connecting riders with people in their campus, community and work place. If you're in need of a ride to a certain destination, you can enter your destination and pickup location into the app, and you'll be notified once a driver heading in the same direction is able to give you a ride. As a rider, you're required to pay a small fee to the driver to help compensate for their time and vehicle expenses.

Driving with tripBuddy

As a driver, tripBuddy is the app you turn to when you want to make a little extra cash for a trip that you're already about to take. It could be a quick dash to the local grocery store or a day long trip into the city. When in driver mode, you'll be able to see riders who are heading in the same direction as you. You're then able to accept different passengers who in turn will pay you a small fee to help compensate for your vehicle expenses & your time. tripBuddy sends your location to your passengers so that they can see where you are in realtime; this way no one ever misses their trip.


The idea for tripBuddy was born in 2014 - Raheem went to grad school after spending a few years in the industry working as a software engineer at Oracle and Sanblaze. It started off as a side project to help college students move around his college campus. The first version was an Android app and Raheem used the project to learn the Android framework. He had very little traction with its launch at Fitchburg State University so the idea was shelved in late 2015.

In 2018 tripBuddy was accepted into MassChallenge and Raheem quit his job to focus on tripBuddy full time. During that period, the product was rebuilt from the ground up. tripBuddy was re-launched that year at MassChallenge in Boston and it was the transportation app that event attendees used as a means of getting to the awards showcase.