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Vendor Peter Rickwood https://sites.google.com/ site/peterrickwood/
License Not Specified
Website https://sites.google.com/ site/peterrickwood/rtran

"RTran is a 4-step transport simulator that you can use to do travel forecasting, cost/benefit analysis, and other analysis. It is simpler to specify and run than commercial packages (EMME/2, CUBE, TransCAD), but is (intentionally) much less sophisticated, as it is designed for teaching and research purposes, rather than for operational travel forecasting/modelling. It still contains what I consider to be all the essentials of a transport simulator, but is much easier for a novice to work with, as you can specify everything you need to run the model in a single Excel workbook. It is intended for those wishing to learn the basics of a 4-step travel model, or for those wishing to use a transport model for exploratory/research purposes (rather than for operational traffic/travel forecasting, where you really do want a commercial model)."[1]