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Fig 1: CommuteTimeMap showing train stations reachable within 30 minutes by public transportation from Marseille, France

CommuteTimeMap[1] is a free web app for generating travel time maps created by Geoapify GmbH, a maps and location API provider. It focuses on public transportation and commute time analysis, and is capable of generating travel time isochrones for public transit, car, bicycle, and walking.

In addition to GTFS data, CommuteTimeMap uses transit data approximation to compute isochrones for the areas which do not have sufficient official public GTFS coverage. This allows it to generate public transport isochrones for nearly any city in the world.

CommuteTimeMap is using Geoapify's Isoline API that takes into account the underlying road network with known barriers (rivers, borders, ...), speed limits, and other restrictions. This results in much more accurate isochrone polygons comparing to previously available solutions like Mapnificent.

Also, CommuteTimeMap can be used to compare different travel modes, can generate multiple reachability areas, calculate their unions and intersections, and perform POI search (places and amenities) within computed areas.

Geoapify website has a step-by-step guide on "How to make travel time maps for public transport"[2] which explains how CommuteTimeMap works and how to use it.


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