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The below software applications make transit information available to users of mobile phones through native mobile apps.

  • DoubleMap - DoubleMap allows for passengers to view bus route locations and estimated time of arrivals in real-time via a mobile application or website.
  • Google Maps - Google Maps contains a transit trip planner, which is available for several devices including Android mobile phones, iPhones, and Blackberries.
  • Joyride - This default Maps application will link to 3rd party applications that provide transit routing information.
  • The Transit App - An iOS application that provides routing based on scheduled information, and real-time arrival estimates, for select cities.
  • Nokia Maps - Provides transit directions for hundreds of transit agencies in North America by using publicly-available GTFS data available on Nokia Windows Media devices.
  • RouteShout - Allows users to receive scheduled and predicted arrival times via SMS or mobile application.
  • Tiramisu - Crowd-sources real-time estimated arrival times, bus fullness, and rider experience based on users of the mobile application.
  • Ualabee - Community driven trip planner with focus on user interaction, users can report anomalies, upload pictures, edit transit data and chat with other passengers.

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