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Publications and Resources

There are many printed publications for keeping up on news and innovations in the public transportation world. The resources available to transit professionals today evolve constantly thanks to the Internet. This is an incomplete listing of relevant transit news publications, magazines, and blogs which may be helpful to transit professionals. If you know of other resources which should be listed here, please contribute.

Traditional/Print Publications

Most, if not all of these resources are available online, at least in part.

  • APTA: Passenger Transport is a magazine produced at least monthly. It includes interviews with industry leaders, product reviews, conference previews, and legislative information.
  • CTAA: Community Transportation is a magazine focused on rural and community transit operators. Recent topics include public-private partnerships and inclusive planning for community transportation.
  • Mass Transit: Mass Transit is a trade publication covering profiles of agencies, professionals and management. Their online component includes a national news roundup.
  • METRO: METRO magazine covers primarily intercity coach and charter operators as well as public transit.
  • ACCESS: A publication of the University of California Transportation Center (UCTC) put forth twice a year. ACCESS covers academic research in the transportation field in an understandable way.

Online resources

  • The California Transit Association produces a monthly e-magazine, Transit California.
  • Streetsblog
  • Human Transit