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Shared Use Mobility Project

The project page for Shared Use Mobility serves as a central point for the wiki community to coordinate on collaboration efforts for expanding the Shared Use Mobility Portal. Please coordinate efforts on the discussion page.


Project Members



Main Entries

The following entries have pages on the wiki, but need further development or updating:

Ride-hailing: On-demand ride services are evolving daily. The ride-hailing entry requires regular updates to stay current.

Complete Streets: The entry can be updated to include information on new design interventions for integrating shared use mobility modes, like ridesharing, into the built environment.


The following are blank entries on new topic areas not yet explored on TransitWiki. The input of subject matter experts will be invaluable for developing resources on these topics areas:

Dockless Bikeshare: New, private companies are deploying shared bicycles in major cities.

Electric Scooter Share: One of the newest entrants in the Shared Use Mobility family of services, electric scooters create first/last mile connections in areas where walking distances are lengthy and parking is difficult.