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This page has been proposed for deletion.
If a reason was given it will appear here:

You can discuss this on the talk page. Do not remove this notice unless you are an admin, or you are the one who placed it here. Ask an admin if you need help or are waiting for a response.

If this notice has remained on this page, and a note placed on the page of the main contributor(s), for at least one week, with no opposition to the deletion, the page may be deleted on the judgement of an admin.

Speedy deletion: In cases of obvious spam or inappropriate content, the admin can check the page history and revert if appropriate. If there is only spam or vandalism in the history, delete immediately.

This page was last edited by Mlane97 (contribs)


  • Add this template to the top of the page.
  • Do not replace the text of the page - leaving it there makes it easier for admins and other users to review the request, and perhaps take other measures such as improving the article.
  • Add a reason after the pipe, as in this example:
{{delete|no relevance to Appropedia}}


This template places the page in Category:Pages marked for deletion.

Do not edit this template to discuss why a particular article should or should not be deleted -- for that, use the article’s own discussion page.

Deletion policy


  • Where the content may be of interest to someone, it is better to transwiki it or move it to userspace (at least temporarily). Deletion is generally for content which is of no value.
  • Where the content is inaccurate or lacking in some way, it is best to flag it as needing improvement (with {{stub}}, {{cleanup}}, {{copyedit}} or {{inaccurate}}), rather than requesting deletion. It is easier to improve an existing article than create a new one.

This template is based partly on Wikipedia:Template:Db-reason, licensed under GFDL.