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Vendor moovel
License Proprietary
Website http://ridetap.io/

Developers can use RideTap in their application, adding:

  • Full-feature functionality for users.
  • Prioritized nearby rides and presenting a recommended best option.
  • Scales across different geo-locations.
  • Single-point, easy integration giving instant access to all partners in the RideTap Network.
  • Monetization opportunities from ride providers in the RideTap Network.
  • Increased time spent in app.

Transit agencies and other ride providers can join the RideTap network, thereby:

  • Promoting ride service
  • Reaching users who have intent to ride in the moment.
  • Converting customers at a higher rate.
  • Expose specific endpoints of app, like location, ride type, or purchase functionality.
  • Deeplinking users into app, even if they are new and need to install first.
  • Working with transit agencies to help solve first/last mile issues.