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Welcome to the UCLA Transit Wiki.

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We'll be developing this resource for California's transit agencies over the next few months. Please work on converting outline the to Wiki form.

The site is based on the same system as Wikipedia. They have extensive tutorials[1] on how to edit Wiki pages.

Getting started

Site tree

[−] Internal strategies‎ (3)<br> [−] Capital planning and project delivery‎ (4) Appropriate size infrastructure Cost effective vehicle purchases Streetcar alternatives Value-capture finance [−] Operations planning‎ (3) [−] Improve user experience‎ (1) Real-time information [×] Increase vehicle speeds‎ (0) [−] Reduce dwell time‎ (4) Automated fare media Low-floor bus Multi-door boarding Off-vehicle fare payment [−] Transit system management‎ (3) [−] New service models‎ (2) California Vanpool Authority Other models Fare reform Labor productivity [−] External strategies‎ (4) [−] Coordination between agencies‎ (1) Automated fare media [×] Coordination with land use‎ (0) [−] Coordination with other modes‎ (2) Bicycle connections Pedestrian connections [−] Coordination with private sector‎ (1) Public private partnerships

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