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The GreenTRIP Connect application allows users to quickly estimate the average daily driving and average daily greenhouse gas emissions impacts from a proposed developments is developed and maintained by transit professionals for transit professionals. The goal of the site is to facilitate information transfer among transit agencies to accelerate the successful implementation of cost-effective strategies to improve transit service. On this site you'll find basic information about strategies, examples of their implementation, and links to reports and guidance from the American Public Transportation Association, the Transit Cooperative Research Program, University Transportation Centers, Caltrans, and local agencies. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) Division of Rail and Mass Transportation funds TransitWiki and outreach and coordination efforts with California's transit agencies.


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Help shape the future of as an Advisory Group member is forming an User Advisory Group to provide on TransitWiki community decisions. The User Advisory Group will meet informally by emails, chat, and web meetings. See the User Advisory Group page for more information.

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