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** [[Bus rapid transit]]
** [[Bus rapid transit]]
** [[Transit signal priority (TSP)]]
** [[Transit signal priority (TSP)]]
** [[Near field communications (NFC)]]
** [[:Category:Reduce dwell time]] - an example of a category page with content
** [[:Category:Reduce dwell time]] - an example of a category page with content
* Browse the site tree:
* Browse the site tree:

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Welcome to TransitWiki.org

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Trolley

TransitWiki.org is developed and maintained by transit planners for transit planners. The goal of the site is to facilitate information transfer among California's transit agencies to accelerate the successful implementation of cost-effective strategies to improve transit service. On this site you'll find basic information about strategies, examples of their implementation, and links to reports and guidance from the American Public Transportation Association, the Transit Cooperative Research Program, University Transportation Centers, Caltrans, and local agencies.

TransitWiki.org was originally created by the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies and funded by the Caltrans Division of Mass Transportation's Statewide Transit Strategic Plan project. UCLA and Caltrans maintain no responsibility for site content contributed after September 27, 2012.

Getting Started

This site is based on the MediaWiki software that powers Wikipedia and many other sites across the web. If you're familiar with how to navigate or edit Wikipedia, then TransitWiki.org should be straight forward. If you'd like additional assistance, see the sections below.

Finding Information

Contributing Information

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  • Updates for Contributors
    • 6/12 - site transferred to transitwiki.org
    • 4/5 - Spring quarter kick-off meeting at Lewis Center Conference Room - meeting invite via email
    • 3/28 - Thank you for continuing to add and edit content
    • 3/7 - Major work session
    • 2/14 - Updated Help:Contents to improve guidance for adding or editing content, pages, and categories. Have a question? Ask it on Help talk:Contents.
    • 2/13 - Before creating a new page or category, please expand and look at the site trees for Category:Internal strategies and Category:External strategies
    • 2/9 - Please work on converting outline the to Wiki form.
    • 2/9 - The site is based on the same system as Wikipedia. They have extensive tutorials[1] on how to edit Wiki pages.