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GTFS Explore Tool
Vendor James Wong
License Open Source
Website jcwong86/GTFS_Explore_Tool

"A postgres based analysis of transit service from a GTFS feed using TCQSM based methodologies and batch analysis tools.

This is a series of .sql scripts and R code designed to provide the user with information about the transit service described in a GTFS feed using methodologies from the Transit Capacity and Quality of Service Manual 2nd Ed (The project visiting the third editions is at

There is also a batch analysis element which will loop through the analysis of many agencies and return aggregate results which can be analyzed by the R code.

The postgres scripts rely on:

  • a properly formed GTFS feed
  • use of the gtfs_sql_importer (
  • PostgreSQL 9.1 w/ PostGIS support enabled
  • The batch importer also uses the excellent OneBusAway GTFS Transformer tool, which is licensed under the Apache 2 license and is checked in in the lib/ directory.

Limitations of the scripts:

  • Works when stops are coded individually, not with time-point only feeds
  • Requires use of shapes.txt file for any distance related functions
  • Does not currently work on files using frequency-based schedules."[1]