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The basic GTFS format contains only static (i.e., infrequently changing) transit information such as schedules, routes, and bus stops. Therefore, a GTFS dataset alone will not enable real-time transit information services for a transit agency. However, for many real-time applications GTFS data is also required to describe basic information about the transit system. GTFS-realtime [1] and SIRI [2] are emerging formats implemented by a number of agencies for real-time transit data such as estimated arrival times based on real-time vehicle positions. Although real-time transit data formats are outside the scope of this paper, several applications are presented below for real-time transit information that require the basic GTFS dataset in addition to another real-time information source. These applications aren’t usable without the basic GTFS dataset, so GTFS plays an important role in these applications.

  • OneBusAway - An open-source software system for real-time transit information.
  • NextBus - A vendor that provides real-time information service for many transit agencies in the United States.
  • TransLōc - A vendor that provides real-time information and visualization for transit and shuttle systems.


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