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Vendor USDOT https://www.transportation.gov/
License N/A
Website https://www.itsforge.net/

"The Prototype Open Source Application Development Portal or OSADP is designed to enable stakeholders to collaborate and share insights, methods, and source code on a set of research projects sponsored by the USDOT Dynamic Mobility Applications program (DMA). In the OSADP collection of projects, each project deals with the research, development, testing, and commercialization of a single application that is federally funded, e.g. mobility applications developed through funding by USDOT’s Intelligent Transportation System’s (ITS) DMA program and mobility applications developed through University Transportation Center that are funded and approved for inclusion in DMA program).

The portal also contains test data sets for bench-marking the applications, procedures for testing the applications, and supporting documentation for running the test procedures."[1]