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This draft page offers instructions and proposes guidelines for contributing to TransitWiki.

Instructions for contributing

  1. Create a TransitWiki account
  2. Edit existing pages
  3. Search for a page first. If it does not already exist, then create it.


What content belongs on TransitWiki?

Formatting and citations

For vendors and consultants

Vendors and consultants are a source of important information and are welcome & encouraged to participate in TransitWiki. The purpose of guidelines for vendors and consultants is to maintain accurate and consistent information on TransitWiki.

  • Please declare important affiliations with a vendor or other organization on your user page. i.e. If you sell a product or service, make that clear to anyone who looks at your user page.
  • The following types of information is encouraged and solicited for TransitWiki pages:
    1. Overview of the product or service category and the specific product or service
    2. Specific information features, requirements, capabilities
    3. Real images or screenshots
    4. Links to vendor website, and marketing/sales information
    5. Price ranges or cost information
    6. Example implementations & customers
    7. Citations to case studies, academic papers, product specifications, and manuals
    8. Contact information to receive more information
  • The following is discouraged and may be removed by editors:
    1. Subjective statements and "sales-y" language (i.e. avoid non-verifiable adjectives that might appear in marketing statements -- instead of "leading" write a product was the first in its category and provide the date of introduction; instead of claiming a product is "easy-to-use" provide images of an interface with commentary; instead of claiming a product is "affordable", provide a price structure)
    2. Non-objective product comparisons that are designed to favor a particular product

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