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=Mobile Ticketing=
Fare payment systems represent a potential barrier for customers considering transit. Cash fares generally require customers to have exact change. Regional smart card systems are powerful, but they still require customers to acquire a physical card that may not be conveniently available. These barriers are perhaps more acute for visitors to a region, who may not be familiar with local transit services and the payment methods accepted.
Offering mobile ticketing can help reduce these barriers, especially as we seek to enable seamless, integrated travel both within and across regions. Leveraging the smartphones most people already carry, mobile ticketing technologies offer a convenient method of fare payment to users, at a modest cost to transit agencies.
==Implementing Mobile Ticketing==
===Comparison of Technologies===
* '''Barcode'''
* '''Flash Pass'''
* '''Near Field Communication'''
* '''Bluetooth Low-Energy'''
* '''SMS-based'''
==Benefits of Mobile Ticketing==
===Integration with Trip Planning Applications===
==Challenges of Mobile Ticketing==

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