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Jump to navigation Jump to search is developed and maintained by transit planners for transit planners. The goal of the site is to facilitate information transfer among California's transit agencies to accelerate the successful implementation of cost-effective strategies to improve transit service. On this site you'll find basic information about strategies, examples of their implementation, and links to reports and guidance from the American Public Transportation Association, the Transit Cooperative Research Program, University Transportation Centers, Caltrans, and local agencies.

This site is based on the MediaWiki software that powers Wikipedia and many other sites across the web. If you're familiar with how to navigate or edit Wikipedia, then should be straight forward. If not, see the MediaWiki FAQ. The UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies expands and maintains the community, with funding from the Caltrans Division of Rail and Mass Transportation. Transit stakeholders across the state can contribute the site following our guidelines. TransitWiki is an implementation tool of the File:California STSP - Recommendations for Caltrans.pdf

User Advisory Group

The User Advisory Group meets informally by emails, chat, and web meetings to provide on TransitWiki community decisions. If you’re interested in joining the User Advisory Group, please complete this application form.


Information on is made available under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 Unported License. This allows any individual, organization, or business to use, quote, or edit information from the site, provided that they attribute the information and share it under the same or similar terms. Content linked on external sites is not subject to this license.


Please contact regarding questions, article suggestions, or to request a group training session (for public employees in California).

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Funding: is provided by the California Department of Transportation's Division of Mass Transportation. Initial funding provided by Contract #64A0228 - research to support the Statewide Transit Strategic Plan. Thank you to Caltrans partners on this project - the California Transit Association and the California Association for Commuter Transportation.

Authors: Several students and graduates of the UCLA Master's in Urban and Regional Planning program contributed to TransitWiki:

Administration: Juan Matute administers and maintains the technical elements and content of TransitWiki. He works under the direction of Dr. Brian Taylor and Dr. Allison Yoh, who supervise the project.