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Vendor Citilabs
License Proprietary end-user-license-agreement/
Website software/sugar/

Sugar offers tools for managing, analyzing, and visualizing transportation networks and accessibility in any community. sugar has two main components: Sugar Access and Sugar Network Editor.

Sugar Access is used to score and understand accessibility to employment opportunities, various errands, public services, and other destinations. It allows for multi-modal accessibility calculations, over all accessibility score generation, and simple scenario planning if the network were to change. The software comes pre-loaded with data for communities.

Sugar Network Editor (SNE) is an add-on to ESRI's ArcGIS desktop. It allows one to create and maintain transportation networks directly in ArcGIS. These networks are directly compatible with ESRI’s Network Analyst extension and other ESRI extensions, and transportation software products such as Citilabs Cube and Trafficware® Synchro.