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Deep Discount Group Pass

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DDGP programs have benefits for both the pass purchaser (employers, universities) and the transit agency. The employer can consider and market the pass program as an employee benefit, enhancing the image of the company as a progressive and environmentally-conscious business.
Consider also that if most of these new riders have a good experience with the transit system, they may encourage others to try the service as well. Thus a DDGP can serve as a cost-effective marketing program as well.
=== Common Characteristics ===
DDGP programs typically define an eligible group, such as all benefit-eligible employees, all currently enrolled students, all city employees, etc. In some cases the employer pays for the cost of the pass and makes them available to eligible participants at no charge. In other cases the pass discount is negotiated between the employer and the transit agency with eligible persons paying the cost of the pass individually. For example, at UCLA, students pay each quarter for the discounted bus pass; while a significant savings over other options for regular users, it still requires students to pay for the pass individually. Other variations include the unlimited ride benefit at no cost to the user while the group at large pays a fee; this system is in place at the University of New Hampshire, where students and faculty pay a fee to fund the transit system and may simply present their university ID to board the bus at no charge.
Passes often have a photo ID to deter fraudulent use, given the high value of the benefit. DDGP typically confer unlimited use of the system to the pass holder for a year, although universities may divide pass eligibility by academic semester or quarter.
Some programs include a guaranteed ride home component.
== Experience ==
=== Denver EcoPass === 
=== University of Washington ===
=== California: Berkeley and UCLA ===
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