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In addition to features for trip planning, OpenTripPlanner (OTP) includes analysis tools within the core software package. For example, OTP servers can produce travel time graphic representations (i.e., isochrone) map tiles. OTP developers are now building out this framework to support off-line batch computations using large sets of origins and destinations, whose locations and attributes can be loaded from CSV, Shapefile, or raster file formats. Functions applied over the set of origins and destinations can produce cumulative opportunities accessibility measures, which are conceptually similar to an advanced version of Walk Score or Transit Score feature [1]. Therefore, OTP is also usable as a visualization application.

The above-described capabilities are being developed as part of the “Analyst Extension” for OTP. More information on OTP Analyst Extension is available in the OTP Analyst portions of the OpenPlans [2] and OpenTripPlanner [3] websites.


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