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Welcome to the UCLA Transit Wiki.

San Diego Metropolitan Transit System Trolley

We'll be developing this resource for California's transit agencies over the next few months. The goal of the tool is to facilitate the identification of cost-effective strategies that are appropriate to an agency, and connect agency staff with the additional information they need to explore and implement the strategy.

This work by UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies is funded by the Caltrans Division of Mass Transportation's Statewide Transit Strategic Plan project.

About the Alpha Version

This Alpha version is a draft version of a site that will be finalized in June. The draft version is incomplete, but is meant to sketch an example of the final resource so that Caltrans staff and other project stakeholders may provide feedback. Only the featured articles listed below have been completed to near-final versions. The remaining content on the site serves as placeholders.

Getting Started

The site has two navigation options: a hierarchical category tree and a web of links between articles

Updates for Authors

  • 3/28 - Thank you for continuing to add and edit content
  • 3/7 - Major work session
  • 2/14 - Updated Help:Contents to improve guidance for adding or editing content, pages, and categories. Have a question? Ask it on Help talk:Contents.
  • 2/13 - Before creating a new page or category, please expand and look at the site trees for Category:Internal strategies and Category:External strategies
  • 2/9 - Please work on converting outline the to Wiki form.
  • 2/9 - The site is based on the same system as Wikipedia. They have extensive tutorials[1] on how to edit Wiki pages.

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