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Vendor ecotrust
License Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported

Madrona offers a set of tools, services and software building block to provide decision support for area-based planners. Madrona is free and open source, available for developers to use to craft their own software solutions. It also offers consulting services to create those solutions of those with less development expertise. Modrona offers support with design, deployment, and maintenance of technology services. They also offer technology training that ranges from basic installation and configuration to design. Ecotrust offers further services through other consulting initiatives that include topics such as planning design and stakeholder engagement.

Technology offering

Madrona makes technology choices for its clients to help sift through the many available options and reduce distraction. Madrona's technology solutions rely on open source building blocs. the core building blocks include the libraries Django, GeoDjango, PostGIS, JQuery, OpenLayers, and Google Earth. Using these core building blocks, Madrona creates new blocks for developers to mix and match for their specific technology solutions. Some of these include import-export options, custom projections,a nd static maps. among others. For a full list and descriptions see Madrona's technology page.

Examples cases

  • Prioritizing aquatic conservation and restoration in the Pacific Northwest[1]
  • Visualizing assets and vulnerabilities in bioregions around the world[2]
  • Developing forest land management scenarios in the Pacific Northwest[3]
  • Supporting Oregon's Territorial Sea Plan[4]
  • Supporting ocean and shoreline planning in Washington[5]