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Go LA is an Android and iOS app is a multi-modal routing app that covers LA county and the surrounding region. Coverage includes several modes (carshare, bikeshare, ride-hailing/TNC, and public transit) and select transportation providers.

As of 31-January-2016, the official website says that several public transportation providers are included (though many transportation providers are notably not included):

"Transit providers that we support include LA Metro, Orange County Transportation Authority, OmniTrans, Big Blue Bus, Riverside Transit Agency, Glendale Beeline, Metrolink Trains, Greyhound US, Amtrak, Amtrak Chartered Vehicle, Amtrak California, Corona Cruiser, Laguna Beach Transit, Victor Valley Transit Authority, and Sunline Transit Agency." [1].

News articles:

  1. http://golaapp.com/help.jsp#which-modes. Accessed 31-January-2016