GeoTrellis Transit

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GeoTrellis Transit
Vendor Azavea
License Apache 2 licenses/LICENSE-2.0

GeoTrellis Transit is open-source software originally developed by Azavea. A demo is available at

GeoTrellis Transit provides a REST API for answering questions about travelsheds. It can be used to answer requests like:

  • Given a starting location and a method of travel (walking, biking, public transit), how far can I travel in a given amount of time?
  • Show me a map that shows how long it takes to arrive at a particular location from everywhere in the city.
  • Given a list of destinations, which of these destinations can I reach from my start location, and in how long?
  • If I am leaving somewhere now and want to be home in two hours, where could I stop in the middle and for how long? (We call this the "Scenic Route" service.)[1]

Source code is at on github.