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Bus rapid transit

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Additional Reading
==Additional Reading==
Gray, George, Norman Kelley, and Tom Larwin. Mineta Transportation Institute. [ “Bus Rapid Transit: A Handbook for Partners.”] 2006.
 : This guide, created by the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University, was co-sponsored by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the United States Department of Transportation. It describes the role that Caltrans plays in working with local transit systems to create BRT systems, as well as how those BRT systems should interact with the state highway system. The guide also offers lessons learned from around the state and a brief description of the BRT systems in California at the time of publication in 2006. 
The Transit Cooperative Research Program. [ "Report 118: Bus Rapid Transit Practitioner's Guide."] 2006.
 : This guide was created in order to guide practitioners in planning and implementing BRT service and includes methods for estimating ridership, costs and benefits, and assessing land development effects of BRT service. It offers descriptions of existing BRT services in North America and around the world. 
The American Public Transportation Association Standards Development Program. [ "APTA Manual of Standards and Recommended Practices for Bus Transit Systems."] 2010.
 : The American Public Transportation Association has developed a comprehensive set of recommended practices for operators of bus transit service. This includes guides on the branding, operation, and design of BRT systems and facilities. This link also includes recommendations for using intelligent transportation systems for BRT service.  
The National Bus Rapid Transit Institute. []
 : The National Bus Rapid Transit Institute offers a wealth of resources for advocates of BRT. They publish a quarterly newsletter and maintain a database of currently operating BRT systems, maintain a listserve, and have published evaluations of several BRT systems.
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