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Bus rapid transit

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Bus lanes
Bus-only lanes on congested corridors or at choke-points in the road network provide buses with considerable operation benefits and a potential competitive advantage vis-à-vis private automobiles. In particular, bus-only lanes increase transit vehicle reliability by reducing conflicts with other vehicles in mixed traffic that might otherwise delay transit vehicles. Reducing conflicts with other vehicles should increase schedule reliability and help transit agencies adhere to scheduled headways. Furthermore, bus-only lanes can allow buses to pass uninhibited by traffic through congested areas, improving overall speeds. When buses can make their runs in less time, agencies can maintain the same level of capacity and service using fewer buses, allowing them to save on operating and capital costs.
In many instances, bus lanes can be installed with a minimum of capital expense -- just what is needed to re-stripe a street. Thus, bus lanes can be deployed in corridors that might not otherwise warrant a more extensive capital investment in service quality.
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