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Equity in Transit

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Equity Metrics
== Equity Metrics ==
=== Access Poverty Line ===
In a 2014 article, Aaron Golub and Karel Martens advocate for what they call the "Access Poverty Line."<ref>Aaron Golub and Karel Martens (2014). "Using principles of justice to assess the modal equity of regional transportation plans." Journal of Transport Geography.</ref> Golub and Martens argue that access is the best possible metric in measuring transportation equity, and more specifically transit equity. They reach two conclusions: that the gap between car-owning and car-less households should remain within a set maximum level, and within that, there should be a maximum average accessibility. The Access Poverty Line represents the maximum acceptable gap between transit and car accessibility.
=== Considerations for Disadvantaged Groups ===
Each of the following metrics suggests inadequate or mismatched transit service among disadvantaged groups:
* Low mode share
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