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</includeonly><noinclude>GTFS-ride is a feed specification that allows public transportation agencies to describe and assess service consumption. GTFS-ride has arisen as a necessary complement to GTFS and GTFS-RT, which describe the kinds of service provided by a transit agency. The Oregon Department of Transportation is funding supporting the development of GTFS-ride specifications to describe occupancy, boarding, and alighting per stop. This will create a standards-compliant data stream for analyzing transit usage. This  Applications for GTFS-ride are undergoing development. Uses for GTFS-ride formatted data is also a prerequisite for includes assessing transit-corridor person delay, a metric which can be used to prioritize investments in Bus Rapid Transit projects.
More on GTFS-ride can be found at []
=== Connecting GTFS to GTFS-ride ===
[[File:Ride GTFS relationship.png|left|640x640px|Relationship between GTFS files and newly created GTFS-ride files.|thumb|none]] === Current GTFS-ride Resources ===[[File:Spr803 elements.jpg|none|thumb|640x640px|Results of ODOT SPR 803 to develop initial elements of an open ridership data standard]]
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