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Pedestrian connections

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Improvements to pedestrian access and connections
The provision of a comprehensive network of safe, comfortable and secure paths for pedestrians is ultimately the responsibility of the municipalities served by transit agencies. However the transit agency can play a supportive role in this regard. Los Angeles County Metro disperses funds through its Call for Projects, which includes dedicated funding for pedestrian and bicycle improvements.
Agencies may want to give careful attention toensuring:
* An extensive sidewalk network connects transit stations to origins and destinations.
* Virtually Sufficient safe street crossings, because virtually every bus transit trip involves crossing the Sufficient safe street crossings allow transit riders to cross at the street to reach departure or return.* Protection from the elements, i.e. shade treesalong sidewalks. 
For discussion of pedestrian environment at station, see section on how to [[improve out-of-vehicle experience for transit users]].
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