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Conveyal Analysis

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===Single point analysis===
[[File:Conveyal isochroneIsochrone.png|thumb|Two isochrones are shown for a baseline and project scenario, demonstrating travel accessibility in a 45 minute time window <ref>Analysis-Conveyal Accessed Aug 31 2017</ref>]]
[[File:Conveyal-comparison.png|thumb|Shows the stacked percentile curves, indicating access to jobs and reliability for a baseline and scenario case<ref>Analysis-Conveyal Accessed Aug 31 2017</ref>]]
The accessibility outcomes offered by Conveyal Analysis display the total number of a given amenity that can be reached within a given amount of time from a given point or within a region. For point analysis, accessibility can be viewed as an isochrone, showing how far someone could get on a map within a certain travel time budget. The data is also presented as a stacked percentile plot. The curve reveals how many opportunities are available as the median travel time increases or decreases. The stacked percentiles show the extent to which accessible destinations change depending on the time of departure. A wide spread indicates lower reliability, that is, many destinations are only accessible within a travel time budget when leaving at a specified time.
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