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added cost info, especially on ServiceEdge contract
===Transit Access===
TBEST offers two different toolsets measuring transit access: Access to Transit and Access via Transit. Access to Transit measures walk access from homes and jobs to transit, while Access via Transit measures jobs, people, and land use accessible between stop pairs. Like the Title VI analysis, these analyses can be performed automatically after a few variables have been inputted and can be used to compare various scenarios.
TBEST is provided and maintained by FDOT for free. However, a user needs a current [[ArcGIS]] license.
Furthermore, it appears that agencies have not succeeded in implementing TBEST without a support contract from [ ServiceEdge Solutions]. A major reason for contracting with ServiceEdge is because scenario socioeconomic data preparation is not documented or exposed in the TBEST software, and TBEST does not offer explicit tools for accomplishing these steps. A 2017 consultation with ServiceEdge revealed that contracting with them to set up the scenario data usually costs less than $10,000 but that exact prices depend on data compatibility with TBEST and the number of counties that need to be processed.
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