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From the [ MATSim about page]:

==Agent-Based Transport Simulations==
MATSim provides a framework to implement large-scale agent-based transport simulations. The framework consists of severel modules which can be combined or used stand-alone. Modules can be replaced by own implementations to test single aspects of your own work. Currently, MATSim offers a framework for demand-modeling, agent-based mobility-simulation (traffic flow simulation), re-planning, a controler to iteratively run simulations as well as methods to analyze the output generated by the modules.

==Key Features of MATSim==
*Fast Dynamic and Agent-Based Traffic Simulation: Simulate whole days within minutes
*Private and Public Traffic: Both private cars and transit traffic can be simulated
*Supports Large Scenarios: MATSim can simulate millions of agents or huge, detailed networks
*Versatile Analyses and Simulation Output: E.g. compare simulated data to real-world counting stations
*Modular Approach: Easily extended with your own algorithms
*Open Source: You get the Java Source Code, which runs on all major operating systems
*Active Development: The international MATSim community constantly adds new features and improves current ones
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