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[[File:Visum-Transportationmasterplan.jpg|thumb|Result of a PrT assignment: Link bars correspond to volumes by user class Car and HGV, respectively<ref>PTV Visum Use Cases</ref>]]
===Public Transit Analysis===
Visum allows users to generate networks based on supply and demand data and then verity the network against an existing timetable. The model allows for a graphical representation of each line and for a depiction of the volumes along lines and within the entire network. Demand along specific routes can offer revenue projections and support decisions for changing supply. Since Visum calculates revenue it can also model the changes to revenue as a result of changes to fare and fare structure.
===Project Specific Analysis===
Visum can model the effects implementing a project will have on a system. This can include the diversions caused by construction and the total traffic flow implications of the project itself. The details from these models can be used as input in cost-benefit analyses of projects and in analyses of environmental impacts. These projects can include changes to roadways, transit, or development.
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