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Some tools that measure accessibility are discussed below
*[[Sugar]] is a tool offered by [[Citilabs]]. It measures access using decay functions, creating an access score. Sugar incorporates first and last mile travel on a the pedestrian street network in measuring its total travel time. It offers accessibility measures to many types of destinations using destination data from navigation company HERE and allows for custom weighting of destination datatypes. Sugar allows for easy layering of demographic data, but does not include demographic based calculations.
[[File:Analysis-spectrogram.png|thumb|Accessibility spectrogram from Conveyal Analyst. Shows the increase in accessible opportunities (in this case jobs) as travel time increases. The wider portions reveal system uncertainty or unreliability caused by low service frequency.<ref>Conveyal analysis-ui documentation. Accessed 20 April 2017.</ref> ]]
*[[Transport Analyst]] offered by [[Conveyal]] is an open source tool. It offers accessibility information for various cut-off points and creates spectrograms that show the change in accessibility as travel time increases, but does not create a related score. Analyst offers accessibility measures for a number of different destination types, acquired from [[OpenStreetMap]], and allows for demographic overlays.
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