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[ OneBusAway ] <ref>University of Washington. "OneBusAway - Where is your bus?". Accessed August 1, 2012 from</ref> is an open-source software system for real-time transit information that grew out of research at the University of Washington. The initial OneBusAway deployment was in the Puget Sound area in Washington, although OneBusAway is in the process of being has since been deployed in several to many other locations in both production and development deployments cities <ref>OneBusAway. "OneBusAway Deployments." Accessed August 1, 2012 from</ref>. MTA in New York is using OneBusAway software as the foundation of their Bus Time system <ref>Metropolitan Transportation Authority. "MTA Bus Time(R)." Accessed August 1, 2012 from</ref>.
OneBusAway uses GTFS data for the basic description of the transit system. Real-time information can be injected into the OneBusAway system using a variety of formats <ref>OneBusAway. "Real-Time Configuration Guide." Accessed August 1, 2012 from</ref>, including GTFS-realtime, SIRI, and ACS Orbital Orbcad.
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