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California Vanpool Authority

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Agricultural Industries Transportation Services (AITS)
The Authority offers two service products: Agricultural Industries Transportation Services (AITS) for agricultural workers and CalVans for non-agricultural workers.
===Agricultural Industries Transportation Services (AITS)===
AITS strives to be a safer, low-cost alternative to private "raiteros" linking residences with agricultural jobs. According to Hughes, these agricultural workers travel an average of 85 miles per day. The AITS program was originally started using JARC grant funds after a 2002 accident with a private van killed 13 agricultural workers <ref>[ AITS Vanpool]</ref>. To keep cost of service low, the Authority transitions used CalVans vans to AITS services and sells discounted used vehicles to agricultural workers. The Authority bills for AITS services weekly as agricultural workers are paid weekly. AITS has used vans have been used to transport agricultural workers to seasonal jobs in the Imperial Valley , which increases the utilization rate of the vans and allows workers based elsewhere in addition the state to daily commutesstay employed during the winter growing season.
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