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California Vanpool Authority

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Service model
The Authority is sponsored by the Kings County Area Public Transit Agency.
==Service modelmodels==CalVans The Authority receives bulk discounts on vans.
Find leasee/operator who can collect money from passengers and administer the vanpool.
Having a leasee/operator who is responsible for making lease payments, acquiring new passengers, and managing day-to-day operations reduces labor costs that might be incurred by a centrally-administered for profit vanpool program.
The Authority offers two service products: Agricultural Industries Transportation Services (AITS)for agricultural workers and CalVans for non-agricultural workers.
AITS strives to be a low-cost alternative to private vans linking residences with agricultural jobs. The Authority bills for AITS services weekly as agricultural workers are paid weekly. The AITS program was originally started using JARC grant funds after a 2002 accident with a private van killed 13 agricultural workers <ref>[ AITS Vanpool]. To keep cost of service low, the Authority transitions used CalVans vans to AITS services and sells discounted used vehicles to agricultural workers.
Because agricultural workers are paid weekly, these vanpools are billed weekly. CalVans for non-agricultural workers are billed monthly.
====Small Transit Intensive Cities (STIC)====
Federal funds formulas for small urbanized areas have historically included demographic factors but not service characteristics. SAFETEA-LU established 5307 funding for for cities that offer high levels of transit service relative to their size <ref>[ Federal Transit Administration. "4. Small Transit Intensive Cities." n/d]</ref>. The program has brought new operating funds to communities that CalVans serves, and have been key in the Authority's expansion. KART and other agencies have used these funds to expand vanpool service and to cover operating fund deficiencies for fixed route transit.
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