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General Transit Feed Specification

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*'''[ TriMet Extensions to GTFS]''' - Includes fields for bike_policy_url, feed_id, realtime_feeds info, route_sort_order, and continuous_stops.
==External Links=Best practices=== * [] - An extensive collection of official public transit data from around See the world, including GTFS, GTFS-RealTime and more.* [ Wikipedia page on index.php?title=Best_practices_for_creating_GTFS GTFSBest Practices]* [ The GTFS page on the Appropedia Wiki], which includes for links to [ pages on useful tools for working GTFS data].* [ APTA Policy Development and Research - Public Transportation Embracing Open Data] - APTA's discussion of the benefits and challenges of open data.* [ TCRP Synthesis 115 - Open Data: Challenges and Opportunities for Transit Agencies] - A report looking at the benefits and challenges of open transit databest practices documentation.
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