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General Transit Feed Specification

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Add TriMet GTFS extensions
* '''[ Extra files for GTFS-to-HTML]''' - timetables.txt, timetable_stop_order.txt, route_pages.txt, route_page_assoc.txt] - A set of four files that are used to produce HTML timetables from GTFS datasets by the [[GTFS-to-HTML]] open-source software.
* '''[ GTFS+ (Extended) in use by the SF Bay Area's Metropolitan Transportation Commission]''' - Set of extra files that define discounted fares, stop attributes, and other information. Though in-use, documentation appears to be unavailable online. Link is to discussion at gtfs-changes.
*'''[ TriMet Extensions to GTFS]''' - Includes fields for bike_policy_url, feed_id, realtime_feeds info, route_sort_order, and continuous_stops.
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