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General Transit Feed Specification

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*'''Real-time transit information'''
:These applications that use GTFS data along with a real-time information source to provide estimated arrival information to transit riders. Newer formats, such as [[GTFS-realtime]] and [ SIRI], can be added as an extension to a basic GTFS format so transit agencies can share [[real-time information]]. See [[:Category:Real-time applications]]
===GTFS Extensions===
Additional fields can be added to GTFS datasets to accommodate a variety of application-specific needs, even if these fields are not in the official specification. The following are documented examples of the GTFS spec being extended:
*'''[ Google Extensions to GTFS]''' - Includes fields for multi-agency fare attributes, maximum transfer counts per fare, additional route types, station vehicle types, station entrances, station platforms, translations, and route-to-route and trip-to-trip transfers.
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