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General Transit Feed Specification

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:Vendors such as Trillium Solutions, Inc. <ref>[' Trillium Solutions, Inc.]</ref>, TransitEditor<ref>[ TransitEditor. "TransitEditor."]</ref>, and Next Insight Transportation Software<ref>[ Next Insight Transportation Software. "Conductor."]</ref> provide tools and services that can aid agencies in formatting and maintaining their data in GTFS format, ranging from online tools that are operated by the agency to a full service model where the vendor creates the GTFS data for the agency. A list of vendors that provide self-service or full-service products and services for GTFS creation and maintenance can be found [ here]. If you'd like to add a vendor to this list, please use [ this form]
:The cost for a transit agency to hire a vendor or consultant to create GTFS data is usually around $200-$500 per route, depending on the level of effort required<ref> [ Northern California Google Transit Feasibility Study] </ref>. Level of effort is determined by the number of stops, complexity and variation of the routes and schedules, and the availability and quality of existing stop location, schedule, and route alignment data.
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