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GTFS Data Dissemination

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Sweden has released GTFS data for 58 public transportation services in the country in August 2012<ref></ref>. Elias Arnestrad with Samtrafiken discussed Sweden’s approach toward open public transport data. The data is released through an organization called Samtrafiken<ref></ref>, which is an organization jointly-owned by about 30 public and private transportation providers. Samtrafiken consolidates open data, and provides technical consulting services and guidance to transport providers. Open data was released following a partnership with Google that began in 2011. This occurred as a result of a legislative mandate, concurrently with a “mind shift in the public transport industry about how [to] define [its] core business.” In addition to GTFS data, Samtrafiken provides several APIs for transit data at includes a blog with news, and a forum for people to propose projects and find collaborators. Elias states the reason this is done through Samtrafiken “is to share the costs for developing those services.”
== Disseminating Demonstrating Applied Uses of GTFS Data ==
With the GTFS readily available, mobile app developers may create different applications for riders. When applications are created by third-party developers using a transit agency’s GTFS data, the agency may choose to make transit riders aware of these applications. One method of increasing awareness is to showcase certain applications on the agency’s website.

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