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=== Images ===
Images can make the transit wiki visually interesting and convey information not possible through prose. Consult the following to add images to your pages:* Find an image that you own, is in the public domain, or is licensed for use on thisWiki** [ See Wikipedia's finding image tutorial] for an overview on which images are acceptable to use in a Wiki like this one. Creative Commons licenses that allow non-commercial use with or without attribution are acceptable for this Wiki. Please always cite the source of an image, even if attribution isn't required** * upload the image at [[Special:Upload]]. Please cite the source of the image with <code><nowiki>[ Name or User Name</nowiki></code> in the summary field* [ MediaWiki help on adding images] - a how-to-guide for placing images in an article.
=== Category titles ===
Juan has created titles from the outline following the above relationship rules. You shouldn't need to create a new category. Should you need to, please coordinate with Juan by email.
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