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# ''Outcome or result'' is a category that describes a desired outcome for which a transit agency would employ strategies. Content at this level has at least one parent and two children. While content at this level will usually take the form of a category, it can take the form of a page if the content for none of the children strategies is (or is anticipated to be) long enough to warrant its own strategy page.
# ''Strategy'' - a strategy usually takes the form of a page. This page includes:
*** ##an introduction to the concept covered in the page that gives the intelligent but unfamiliar reader context *** ##an overview of the benefits and drawbacks involved with pursuing the strategy, including how the strategy can help an agency in pursuit of any desired ##parent ''outcome or result'' , but also any adverse effects the strategy may have on other strategies, aspects of transit service delivery, or stakeholders*** ##examples of the strategy in action*** ##further reading for those interested in learning more, including academic literature and case studies, with link to content or DOI/library page. Each item linked in further reading should include at a minimum of two sentences that inform the reader's decision to follow or not follow the link.
# ''Sub-page'' - When some content provided on a ''strategy'' page would be too narrowly-focused or detailed for the typical reader, this additional information should be linked in a sub-page. A ''sub-page'' differs from a ''strategy'' page in that it is not a strategy in-and-of itself (and therefore does not have a <nowiki>[[category:whatever]]</nowiki> tag, and it usually only linked by a parent page.
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