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Category & page relationships
== Category About categories & page relationships pages ===== Relationships ===The relationships between categories and pages provide some structure for content in the Wiki, which will be useful as the Wiki matures with more content, or becomes a repository for additional research projects. The typical relationship between categories or categories and pages is a parent-child relationship, although in some instances a page or category will have multiple parents. A parent is a page or category with at least one child. A child is a page or category that includes the <nowiki>[[Category:something]]</nowiki> tag. Below is an explanation of the relationship between different levels of content.# ''Group of categories '' (eg: Internal strategies, External strategies). These are top-level groupings, and for this project these categories have no parents. This level can be thought of as Parts of a report.# ''Category '' - items at this second level have a parent (a level 1 group of categories (eg: Operations planning)# Outcome or result within a category or group of categories (eg: Improve user experience) An outcome or result can either be a page or category, depending
# Page - specific strategy linked to an outcome or result
# Sub-page - additional information linked to a specific strategy (page), but not an outcome
== Page titles ==
Bureaucrats, emailconfirmed, engaged, nuke, Administrators

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