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Deep Discount Group Pass

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Passes often have a photo ID to deter fraudulent use, given the high value of the benefit. DDGP typically confer unlimited use of the system to the pass holder for a year, although universities may divide pass eligibility by academic semester or quarter.
Some programs include a [[Guaranteed Ride Home|guaranteed ride home ]] component.
== Experience ==
=== Denver EcoPass ===
The Denver Regional Transportation District (RTD) was a pioneer in DDGP programming with the [ EcoPass]. Participating employers are required to offer the pass to all full-time employees. The pass cost is determined by the employer location, number of employees, and transit options nearby. This flexibility allows RTD to charge more for employers downtown versus those in free-parking-rich suburbs who may have less incentive to participate. While pass holders receive unlimited use of most RTD services, there is an upcharge for the airport express buses and the pass is not valid on other specialized services at all.
Denver RTD also offers other variations on the EcoPass program to provide as broad coverage as possible. A more flexible version allows employers to choose the level of transit service employees may take advantage of under the pass, for example.
=== University of Washington ===
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